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Three finishing options are available:

The photograph is printed on high quality paper, which is laminated with a UV film in order to protect the artwork. The print is then glued to a strong, rigid aluminium composite panel, which is the base preferred by art galleries.
An aluminium subframe is glued to the back with a 5 cm perimeter and backed by felt to protect the hanging surface. The picture is now ready to hang.
On completion of the print, the photograph is pasted on a sheet of 4 mm acrylic Perspex with a neutral liquid glue and then also glued to an aluminium composite panel.
A strong subframe is then attached to the back of the artwork with a 5 cm perimeter and backed by felt to protect the hanging surface.
The “American box” or shadow gap frame has been adopted by art galleries and major museums throughout the world because it highlights the beauty of the artwork by creating the impression that it is floating detached from its frame.
The photograph is laminated on a 1 mm thick aluminium base. It is then framed by timber strips with a thickness of 2 cm and a stained profile. The colour of the wood is wenge. There is 1 cm of space between the image and the inner edge of the frame.
On the back there is a fixing screw. All the materials used ensure optimum conservation of the picture.
On the back, an attachment device is fixed. All materials used ensure optimum conservation of image.
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