Koren Brothers is an on-line art gallery dedicated to offering limited editions of high-quality photographs created by two brothers. They are motivated by the idea that an artwork should inspire positive energy and a spiritual sense of purity found in nature.

The founders

The art gallery is the idea of two brothers who are enthusiastic about photography and art in all its forms. They both studied music at conservatory during their childhood and while Sébastien can improvise on the piano for hours on end, Philippe likes compositions based on instrumental combinations. In their passion for photography, they have joined forces to bring to collectors and art lovers their vision of artworks full of calm, positive energy. The beauty found in nature is often ephemeral, fragile and unique, but is sublimated by the eye of the photographer, whose role is similar to that of an orchestral conductor : technical but above all emotional.

High quality limited editions


Each large format (from 75cm wide) artwork is limited to all together 150 prints. This number will not be exceeded, so you are assured that you own a signed edition with a certificate of guarantee that authenticates each artwork individually. Each photograph is numbered. This way, you can be sure that only a few other people worldwide share the right to your artwork.